Thursday, May 11

Enter the Hyperbole Dragon

Jacque Jones, Matt Murton and El Toro = BFF

When it comes to the Cubs and their recent fondness of playing like shit, I have developed the mind of a goldfish. I don't care that we have bad loss after bad loss, I am ambivalent about our crippling injuries, and I am ignorant to the constant pain of slipping into the kind of win-loss territory normally reserved for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

And now, with one seemingly unimportant, late-night victory on the West Coast, I am overjoyed. We can still win the occasional game! The law of averages and probability really does work! Carlos Zambrano can still pitch like the fiery, burrito-gnashing bull that he is! And we can stifle the gigantic head [and ego] of Barry Bonds by rendering him homer-less in the series so far!

It's a glorious thing to watch Pedro Gomez have nothing to talk about. That catch by Pierre two days ago was a sight to behold, because if Bonds had tied the Babe against our Cubs, that may have been the straw to break the camel's back. Granted, we're not out of the woods yet, but to add that to an already massive laundry list of "things that went wrong in 2006" might be a bit much.

But I'll worry about that baloney tonight. For right now, we've started a new streak. A winning streak. A streak of one.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Sarce said...

Looks like the streak is over my friend. They look like abosulte shit today. We have instantly regained our horrid and pathetic gameplay. AHHHHHHHHHHHH


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