Monday, May 8

It's a Sad Day When...

...I'm hoping Kerry Wood will be the spark the cubbies need to get their act together. This story was posted late on yesterday.

Is this what we need?

Here's the first line of the story: "Class A batters were outclassed by Kerry Wood on Sunday night at O'Brien Field." I would effing hope so. Wood, a major league veteran, better be able to "out class" guys in A ball.

I've been somewhat vocal about my thoughts on Wood. If you missed it, here it is again: trade him. With the shit Prior's been pulling this year (sore shoulder, food poisioning, inflammed vag), and the fact that Wood is steadily rehabing, I've been rethinking this position. I'm actually starting to look forward to Wood's return. So there it is, I'm officially flip flopping. Let's just hope I don't have to change my position again when Wood comes back.


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