Tuesday, May 9

Top 5 San Diego Broadcasters' Quotes

Hypo suggested this general idea and I like it better than Sarce's idea of looking for a cubs messiah. Here we go:

5. "Do you think Rusch is rushing a bit?" -- Does Sarce work for the Padres?

4. "And the hits just keep a-comin', real hard holdin' back the smiles tonight" -- assholes

3. "Mabry is there to make the Franklin Stubbs-ian like catch!" -- I like obscure references

2. "Greg Maddux's average fastball is 84.3 MPH" -- acceptable when it's got movement, unlike tonight

1. "8-3 is a lot better than 7-3, you never know when an offense is about to break out" -- This was said with a serious tone but I fell out of my chair laughing


At 1:38 PM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

hahahaha, done in the true spirit of a Top x!

This was awesome, I only wish I coulda been there to write them down with you.


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