Wednesday, May 10

Bottom 5: Some Perspective

Considering the cubs just dropped their eighth straight tonight, I figured I'd post some of the records of the worst cubs teams of all time. I've limited this to 162 game seasons. Here we go, starting with the depressing all the way down to the suicidal.

5. The 1999 Chicago Cubs. Grace, Sosa (in his prime), Johnson (OK, I'm reaching). No matter, they finished the season 67-95 (.414).

4. The 1974 Chicago Cubs. A bit before my time but what would you expect from a roster with Rick Monday, Pete LaCock and Steve Stone? How about a record of 66 - 96? That's a .414 winning percentage. That sounds about right.

3. The 2000 Chicago Cubs. Another one in recent memory. This was a terrible year for the cubs as a team. They barely stayed above .400 with a 65 - 97 record.

2. The 1980 Chicago Cubs. Bill Buckner was on this roster but wasn't all that famous just yet. Good to see he was consistently a loser. This was one of the few years the cubs didn't top .400: 64 - 98 on the year.

1. We've got a tie for #1: The 1966 and 1962 Chicago Cubs. Both teams went 59 - 103 (.364). I knew Mr. Cub was on some horrible cubs squads but didn't realize he was on both teams that managed to drop 100+ in a season. Lou Brock was also on the '62 team (Jim: you still around? Here's a chance to lament that loss...).

Bonus stat: The 1943 Cubs not only lost 9 in a row in May of that year but also went on to drop 11(!) in a row in September. Can the '06 cubs beat that May streak? Can they beat both streaks?? I guess we'll find out in September if anyone is still paying attention.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

Damn, you did some research today... bored at work?

At 2:25 PM, Blogger DS said...

Bored last night after the loss ... check out the post time hypo.


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