Thursday, May 4

Cubs @ Diamondbacks, 9.40pm


CHICAGO CUBS [14-12, Road 6-6]
Juan Pierre [CF, .250]
Ronny Cedeno [SS, .322]
Aramis Ramirez [3B, .205]
Todd Walker [1B, .342]
Matt Murton [LF, .287]
Jacque Jones [RF, .239]
Freddie Bynum [2B, .222]
Henry Blanco [C, .095]
Rich Hill [P, .000]

Eric Byrnes [CF, .294]
Orlando Hudson [2B, .222]
Chad Tracy [3B, .309]
Conor Jackson [1B, .286]
Shawn Green [RF, .326]
Damion Easley [SS, .256]
Johnny Estrada [C, .299]
Andy Green [LF, .250]
Juan Cruz [P, .000]

CHI: LHP Rich Hill [NR]
ARI: RHP Juan Cruz [0-0, 2.65 ERA]

- If anyone cares to still weigh in on the previous posts [aka LB contributors], go for it. I want to know who you think we should forcibly remove.
- Holy shit, I guess we'll try anything. Note Aramis is batting 3rd in the lineup, although what that might do for his average remains to be seen. I will be using this quote again in next week's TWID, but it's maybe an explanation [or excuse?] for A-Ram's troubles.

"Your average isn't always indicative of how you're hitting the ball, because he's hitting balls hard."

- tonight! [Although I do have the sleeping pills close by. I'm scared.]

EDIT: Oh great, I forgot. Juan Cruz used to pitch for us Cubs. I love these little reunion get-togethers.


At 10:02 PM, Blogger DS said...

1st inning recap: Cedeno swinging the bat like a toddler, Ramirez is day dreaming about when he used to know how to swing the bat and Pierre got picked off second by Estrada (the fucking catcher...). To top it all off I've got to listen to that piece of shit Mark Grace call this game...gonna be a long night.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger DS said...

Mid 8th, it's 5-0 D'Back and we've left 8 on base...awesome.

At 12:06 AM, Blogger DS said...

sorry, make that 10 LOB after the 8th, even better

At 12:15 AM, Blogger JT said...

I think right now, we have perhaps the least threatening lineup in the major leagues.

I reckon I could work through at least three scoreless against this feckless bunch.

[I need more medication]


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