Saturday, May 6

Cubs Pads Round 1: A Pitching Showcase

Why do I suck?

So I come home from work/the bar around 10 PST and I'm expecting to see another depressing effort from our beloved cubbies. To my surprise, the game was still going and was 0-0 in the 10th. Z looks to have had his best outing yet. He went 7, struck out 10 and only walked 3. The sad thing is that Chan Ho Park had even better night going a full 9. None of that really matters since neither team did jack with the bat all night.

The padres threatened in the 10th getting a runner into scoring position but Willimason some how managed to strike out the side and push this one to 11. Bynum lead off the 11th with a strike out. It's painful to watch this guy at the plate. For some reason, he seems to think his wheel house includes pitches at helmet level. After his abysmal AB, T-Walk had a freakish ground rule double. When's the last time you saw a ground rule that ended up in the stands on the third base side? Well, hot rod did it. A-Ram continued to suck with yet another SO. Barret, who did have one hit tonight, was doing his best Freddie Bynum impression chasing a pitch up around his eyebrows to end the top of the 11th.

The Padres had yet another chance to win this one with some walk-off-ish theatrics in the bottom of the 11th. Willimason did his best to help with a lead off walk to Khalil Greene. Greene stole second and I'm sure most can guess what followed. Barfield lined one up the middle for a base hit. We all know Pierre doesn't have any power at the plate but I was unsure about his arm strength from center. A toddler would have had a better chance at getting Green at the plate. Juan's throw trickled threw the infield as Greene crossed the plate to score the winning run. Pierre might have speed but that's it. He can't hit the ball out of the infield and his best effort to heave the ball from center to the plate arrives with no less than six hops.

This loss puts the cubs at .500. I'm sure they're headed well below that in the coming weeks. They've lost 6 out of the last 7. They've scored one run, which was walked in, in the last 3.

I'm headed to San Diego in the morning. Statistics tell me I should see at least one cubs win over the next two but reality tells me it's not likely. I'll be back sunday night to post a recap of my san diego experience. Let's hope I have something positive to say.


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Good post. Shitty game.


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