Sunday, April 30

LIVEBLOG TIME : Brewers @ Cubs, 2.20pm


Fasten yer seatbelts for another [tentative] liveblog, this time co-starring Pennsylvania's favorite ISP engineer, Hyposquasher. Most recent updates will appear towards the top, so refresh the page for something new.

We're calling an end to the liveblogging escapades, mainly before one of us does something regrettable that results in a broken computer. Zambrano is loosey-goosey, and Dusty reaches for the classic "Dusty Baker Double Switch", leaving the game after 103 pitches. Brewers 6, Cubs 0, bases loaded, 0 outs. Beer and sunshine are the tonic, but we'll continue this down in the comments section. Bullshit! - JT

Points of conversation over the last half inning:
1) Brewers have 3 extra-base hits, leading off each of the last 3 innings.
2) "Cinnamon Stepchild" should have probably caught that ball.
3) Nice catch by Jacque Jones on RF to rob Satan Miller of a basehit.
4) Todd Walker has adapted to playing 1b much better than Nomar. However, if any of us present were going home to Mia Hamm to do an an assortment of naughty things to her, we probably wouldn't care too much.
5) Not bad coaching to intentionally walk Brady "Bathroom Dweller" Clark to get to Crapuano for the strike-out. Still down 2-0.
- Hyposquasher

Poo-Poo-Uano is looking extremely efficient, although great diving catches in the outfield don't hurt either. Jacque Jones and Hairston must have been miners in a past life, because they both dug themselves deep into 0-2 holes before gleefully coughing up their outs. Zambrano's the king of the swingers, popping out on the 1st pitch. I am angry. I am also drinking. The combination could be deadly. - JT

Well, Zambrano got himself into trouble early, allowing runners at the corners with two outs. However, the 3-2 pitch to Ricky "Two Tone" Weeks was a clutch strike-out pitch.
Reminder to Herry Jairston: You are not Ron Belliard. Do not every throw a baseball from your backside again. Nice catch though. Cubs escape with only 1 more run scored... I'm only worried that if the Brewers score again Zambrano may take a bite out of the baseball...
- Hyposquasher

Another dull half-inning trickles by, like water in a quiet stream. Disappointing easy outs, and Capuano's curveball is looking disturbingly effective. Two easy fly-outs and a strikeout, and beer is becoming the only thing of interest at this table. - JT

Make that Cubs 0, Brewers 1, JT. Carlos Lee jacks his 10th dingy in April, and as TheHawk has so duly noted, it is Kettle Chips 3rd longball off of Big Z in his career. Z still looked very strong in that inning, although has surrendered a 1-0 lead. However, Zambino is still showing more control than he has all year, so that's good. In other news, JT just farted, and it really smells in here...
- Hyposquasher

Venezuela is known for many things: art, literature, spicy cuisine and progressive philosophy. However, it is not known for base-running skills, as Ronny Cedeno gets caught in TWO run-downs in the SAME INNING. A poor inning with the bat, thanks to Walker and Pierre's soft ground-outs. Cubs 0, Brewers 0. - JT

WHOOOOAAAAA and Big "El Diablo Latino" Z es en la CASA!!!! Zambrano Grande is pitching well so far, the first time he has gotten out of a 1st inning that quickly all year thus far. I have a theory as to the reason, which I will reveal in a few innings if he continues to pitch well. And how about Cedeno showing some serious range by hopping on his horse and riding out to get that soft drive up the middle for the third out! So far, looking good!!
- Hyposquasher

Hello, hello!!! Today we hail to you from CT, that is, JT and I will be livebogging the game and drinking dark beers and eating delicious ribs together. The sun is bright (here) and it looks to be a terrific day...
Just watched the clip of Zambrano breaking the bat over his knee from last week. Still absolutely amazing. JT and I are hoping that today Big Z tops himself does something better... like break an umpire over his knee or something. The grounds crew is affectionately caresssing the warning track one last time right now to make sure the field is ready for today's game.
- Hyposquasher

WGN looks wet and wild, and the game will be under what looks to be a brief rain delay. That should give us more time to enjoy the absurb amount of beer purchased yesterday. - JT


At 3:04 PM, Blogger DS said...

Z's off to a great start: 2K in the first and a great play by Ronny to rob Jenkins of a base hit.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger DS said...

Well...Kettle Chips Lee continues to do well against Z. That's his 3rd career dinger off big Z.

At 3:17 PM, Blogger JT said...

Hawk --

Quick question for you: do you have anything better to do?

Please get back to me on that one. Cheers.

At 3:23 PM, Blogger DS said...

This from the guy 'live-blogging' ... and no, nothing better to do today.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Good choice for Cub of the week. Matt had 7 RBIs, and well, no one else really did anything. At least Maddux continues to shine. Now hopefully we can stomp Pittsburgh for two games until we feel good about ourselves again. Isn't that what the Pirates are in the MLB for anyway?

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Interesting stat (TB+BB for the season):

Matt Murton - 44
Todd Walker - 43
Aramis Ramirez -42
Ronny Cedeno - 41
Derrek Lee - 39
Michael Barrett - 38
Juan Pierre - 34
Jacque Jones - 30
Jerry Hairston + Neifi Perez + Freddy Bynum - 27 combined

Not too hard to see who's been doing the right things at the plate and who hasn't. Despite A-Ram's low batting avg., he's drawn a team leading 12 walks (tied with D-Lee).

I'm hoping Pierre's numbers are just indicative of a down month, because we really need him on base, D-Lee or no D-Lee. To be fair, these numbers don't include the times he reached base on errors, which would probably add maybe 4 to his total.

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous lazlo said...

And, just because I have nothing better to do, here's an update on Corey vs. Jones -

Corey Patterson - .286 / .300 / .490
8 SO, 1 BB, 7 SB, 0 CS, 3 HR, 10 RBI, 12 R, 49 AB

Jacque Jones - .228 / .274 / .474
15 SO, 3 BB, 0 SB, 1 CS, 4 HR, 10 RBI, 7R, 57 AB

Oh, and that other right fielder:
Jeromy Burnitz - .226 / .265 / .409
20 SO, 3 BB, 0 SB, 0 CS, 5 HR, 14 RBI, 7 R, 93 AB

Who would've guessed that Corey Patterson would be the most productive of the three in the first month of the season? Well, we did take a gamble on Jacque. Maybe it will pay off, maybe it won't. That's what made it a gamble. But if it continues not to pay off, I reserve the right to be angry. Then again, he has made some great plays in the outfield. Although I think the whiffs and groundouts still vastly outnumber the web gems.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

Agreed about Jacque Jones.

And agreed about Matt Murton. We had a text message battle last night with TheHawk to decide, and he seemed the most logical choice, as you've noted.

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Well, here's some unfortunate news - Pittsburgh has hit the snot out of left-handed pitching so far (except for Joe Randa). Let's hope that's just because they have faced bums and it does not hold true against Marshall.

At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

The Murt' Machine comes through again! And Marshall is making his major league campaign rather convincing. This kid may stick around. In fact, I hope he does. Good sinker+cutter, nasty curve, mixes in a slider and a change, and he locates everything pretty well. Maybe I should just shut up so I don't jinx him. I'd be upset that the Cubs didn't give him a win, but I'm too happy about the victory to care.

At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

[Enter Hill. Rusch exits to bullpen, Aardmsa exits to Iowa.]




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