Wednesday, May 3

Fuck, I mean... This Week in Dusty [a day late] : 4/26 to 5/2


"You've got to be able to keep them in sight. If they get out of sight, it makes it tough."
- Dusty on the dangers of falling behind early in the NL Central - 4/26

"There's too many things that you can hurt -- fingers, wrist, elbows, shoulders. There's a lot of things that can happen with a headfirst slide, but Rickey Henderson did a headfirst slide 1,000 times. It depends on the person."
- Dr. Dusty on Barrett's head-first sliding - 4/26

"When things are going good, you don't worry about why they're going good -- you just keep on going good. It's like surfing -- you ride it to the beach instead of worrying about when you're going to fall off."
- Dusty on Maddux's career-best 5-0 start - 4/28

"Conceptually, sometimes you don't have a choice, you know what I mean?"
- No, actually I don't. Dusty on the possibility of having 3 rookies in the rotation - 4/30

"Quite frankly, I wish the animated, demonstrative, angry Z returns, to tell you the truth. This new, calm Z ain't working, so we want the old Z back. This new guy is not himself. I think everybody would like to have old Z back, you know what I'm saying?"
- Yeah, and for once I actually agree with you, dude - 4/30

"It's a different situation per person. Sometimes when you're down and things aren't right, sometimes you need a hug versus a kick. You're already down. You don't kick somebody when they're down. Sometimes you need a kick, especially when a guy isn't exerting effort. We all could use a hug sometimes."
- Seriously. To think I was getting kicked all these years - 5/01

"Where's he going to play? Felix is doing pretty good. He's hitting .300 -- it's not like he's hitting .400, either. He needs to stay down there and do well. If he was a first baseman, it'd be a different story."
- Um, maybe he could play in RIGHT FIELD? - 5/02

"That's a big dude out of there. That's a lot of offense. That's similar to the Cardinals losing Albert Pujols. You always need more offense, but you have to do what you can defensively and pitching-wise."
- No shit, dude. Dusty on Lee's absence - 5/02


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

We'd be better off with Pie in right field instead of Jones right now, but I'm not sure Pie would be better off. And Jones definitely wouldn't be better off. He'd better come around. He's quickly replacing Corey Patterson, and in this case there are no past heroics to look back on, and no excuses of that he's young and has potential that he's working toward. Jones is 30, and he's hit terribly in the past two seasons. He needs to prove something. He also should've never commented on the fans in Wrigley. All those statements of, oh, I'm not gonna listen to the fans I'm just gonna do what I need to do were unnecessary and dumb. You've got to come into a new town with the attitude that you are going to win over the fans, not play despite them.

At 9:33 PM, Blogger DS said...

Possibly the best week in Dusty yet...solid quotes all the way through. No big deal it was a day late, that just made for a funny post title.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger JT said...

Yeah, dusty had it going on this week.


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