Tuesday, April 18

This Week in Dusty - 04/12 to 04/18

If y'alls keep stealing Dusty quotes for other posts, this fedora trio might come visit you in the night. Let that be a lesson to you, especially because of pimp juice on the left.

"It's warmer now. I looked at the weather last night, and it was 70 degrees in Minnesota, 65 in North Dakota and raining like [heck] in California. Usually, the wind doesn't blow out this time of year, either, here."
- Dusty tries his hand at Meteorology when discussing "juiced" baseballs, 04/12

"I've learned from hamstrings that when a guy says he feels good, you give him a couple extra days."
- Dr. Dusty on Jacque Jones, 04/13

"It seems like we have trouble keeping them in the ballpark. If we could keep them in the ballpark, it'd be different."
- Dusty breaks down the home run's impact on winning or losing, 04/13

"We're trying to take it slower versus faster. He is a rehab player. "
- Dusty on Kerry Wood [interpret that how you will], 04/15

"We want him to come here and throw the ball the way he's been throwing down there."
- Dusty on RP David Aardsma's callup. Is that too much to ask? 04/16

"That night, I had two friends with me and they were taking us to the airport. They were taking our wives, me, Kenny Landreaux and Derrel Thomas. I came around the corner in the parking lot and saw some Canadian dudes there. I saw Derrel's wife and her feet were up in the air. They'd pushed her out of the way, and we got into a fight in the parking lot. I was uppercutting this guy, and I guess we beat him up, and I got on the plane and my right hand started throbbing. I went to tell Tommy [Lasorda, Dodgers manager], and I said, "I think I broke my hand." He said, "What? How?" I told him: fighting."
- Dusty on the '81 World Series injury that almost held him back, 04/16


At 2:00 PM, Blogger DS said...

If you'd actually post the best Dusty quotes I wouldn't have to pick up the slack. I'll be getting a couple new ones up later today.

But seriously, keep the 'this week in Dusty' posts coming...can't get enough of 'em.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger JT said...

Well, considering it's a WEEKLY post, perhaps I had to wait a WEEK to publish THIS WEEK's quotes.


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

Yeah, agreed, they are pretty good stuff and I enjoy them a lot. Sorry I swiped one earlier this morning too... but I think we all agree there are enough to go around.


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