Monday, April 10

It's About Time... is running a story reporting that the Lee contract negotiations are finally over. We all knew that Hendry would eventually re-sign Lee but it looks like it will be made official at a press conference tomorrow. The story says he's getting $65 Mil over the next five years. Relative to what others in the league get (sans baseball's evil empire, you know who I'm talking about), that sounds about right. There's also supposedly a no trade clause in there. Bonus.

Most other clubs, like the Cubs, had the day off. St. Louis won their first game in the new Busch which is bittersweet I guess. I never like to see the Cards win but somebody needs to take Milwaukee down a peg or two. That also puts us in a tie for first in the division...we'll see how long that holds up.

Tomorrow we're facing Cincy at home with Rusch on the mound. Z was able to redeem himself after his first appearance of the season, let's hope Rusch can do the same.

Prior was also in the news today but not because he's going to be back in the rotation any time soon. He had his court date today for failing to sign rubbers or something along those lines. Check out the linked story for the details.


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