Friday, April 7

Cubs, Cards showdown in Wrigley

The Cubs play the Cardinals today for the first time this regular season with the game starting in about an hour. I don't have a lot of time so here is some food for though: These two teams met 16 times last year, with the Cubs winning or splitting every series in which the two teams faced each other. Their record was 10-6 against the Cards and they only played the team twice in the first half of the season. Let's hope our beloved Cubbies can continue their dominance of this division rival, starting today against Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan. Suppan has started against the Cubs 10 times in his career and has a middle-of-the-road record of 3-3 against them with a 3.09 lifetime ERA.

If this post had any less personality, you would have to assume Joe Morgan had written it.

More later from the Super-happy-make-me-want-to-dance-all-time-while-celebrating-my-good-fortune Funland that I call WORK!


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