Wednesday, April 5

Cubs up 2-0!

Aramis Ramirez hit a 2-out homerun with Walker on base to give the Cubs a 2-0 1st inning lead in today's game!! (moments ago)

I'll edit this post and make something decent of it later. But Walker hit a soft single for his at-bat, continuing to do well in the 2-hole.

SO, for the second straight game, the Cubs score first, and in the first inning. Let's hope they can hold onto (and build on) the early lead!


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Pitching looked bad from Rusch and Williams today. Too many BB, too many big fat fastballs down the middle. Offensively, the only thing that really upset me was that the Cubs were swinging early and making outs after about the 3rd inning or so. Jones has looked unimpressive. I don't know that he really fits the 5-hole. Cedeno got two hits, so that's definitely good. If he has his confidence and knows the strike zone, he'll hit.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

I concur. I apologize for not updating the post itself, but here goes with my thoughts:

Pitching was pretty bad like you said, but this tends to be what happens at the beginning of baseball season, so I won't worry too much yet. But talk about a lack of control by almost all of our pitchers the entire time in Cincy? The biggest problem being that Rusch and Williams are so similar in pitches and styles, and neither is over-powering.

Offensively I was pretty happy that they staged a very nice comeback. I will get worried if it becomes (continues) the trend where we can only score by hitting homeruns, but I don't think that will happen with the speed that's been added to the roster. As long as batters remain patient. Which as lazlo pointed out, was in fact a problem yesterday.

Oh well... no loss is fun, but this one coulda been a lot worse, as there were still bright spots for optimisim.

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

I was pretty annoyed yesterday with the loss, but thinking about it, the pitching wasn't THAT terrible. I didn't like the walks or falling behind, but when you play the Reds at their ballpark, you figure to give up some runs. The Reds big offensive weakness is strikeouts, and Rusch and Williams aren't strikeout pitchers. I still think our offense was too anxious, but scoring 6 runs is hardly poor, I just would've liked to see more patience. Let's hope we can get at least 2 wins against the cards. I'm looking forward to watching Marshall, especially.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Come on guys, that game really sucked. The team was playing like the old Cubs, hit some long balls and pat yourself on the back.

The outs on early pitch counts made it look like they couldn't wait to get out of town--"It's get away day!"

Cards and Brewers are each up 3-0 in the division. Cubbies have got to stop the Cards on the home field this weekend.

Let's hope the pitching can limit the Cards run production and give the Cubs hitters a chance. We don't want those stinking Birds to fly off with it in April.


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