Friday, March 17

Man-Boy has the scoop


Being one of the privileged New York elite, I have full access to's mind-numbing assortment of "Insider" material. It's awesome. If you ever wished to read some guy talk about why Missouri State is a great college hoops team, you should check it out. There's other stuff too, like ESPN's venerable baseball holy triumvirate: Buster "The Never-Aging Man-Boy" Olney, Peter "Leather Jowls" Gammons, and Jayson "I'm just here to make up the numbers" Stark.

Regardless, Olney's golden gaze has briefly hit the Cubs, and in his latest blog, he admonishes Prior and the Cubs organization for playing all these secretive games and disguising or downplaying any injuries.

It's actually not a bad read:

It is amusing that the Cubs kept Prior's throwing sessions out of sight and now say there was never any previous indication of a problem. I have no idea whose idea the clandestine sessions were, but the cloak-and-dagger stuff is ridiculous in a sport like baseball. If this was the idea of anybody in the organization, it was silly -- there's no point in hiding something that is destined to become apparent at the start of the season.

I'd have to agree with that, on some levels. I mean, Wood and Prior's injury history is not the stuff of legend or myth, like, say, the Da Vinci code, or Bigfoot, or Maurice Clarett's future in professional football outside of Canada. All the media juggling is just infuriating for guys who have to cover the Cubs [think what Barry Bonds does to Pedro Gomez, and multiply that by a thousand], but not only that, do they think we're stupid?

He goes on to mention that no matter whose idea it is/was, the team's or Prior's, it's just moronic and should stop. He also gets in another dig at Prior, regarding his slightly diva-ish ways since making it to the show:

"I don't know Prior personally, and folks who do say good things about him, but I recall that in his first year in the major leagues -- his first year -- Prior declined to do interviews the day before his starts. The only pitcher I've covered who did that was Roger Clemens, and he didn't start that until after he had won a few Cy Young awards."

Point well made. We know Prior is far from Clemens, and Olney's suggestion that he should take himself less seriously might be a good one.

There's another article out there by Freddie Mitchell from the mighty Trib, and his interview with Ferguson Jenkins predicts mediocre things in both Wood and Prior's baseball future. Worth checking out.


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