Tuesday, May 16

This Week in Dusty [on time!] : 5-10 to 5-16

Hey dude, so.....can you pitch? We could use a guy like you who knows the strike zone.

"What we need is another bat until we get D-Lee back. Everybody's trying to get bats, but at this point they want you to give up half your Minor Leagues for a borrowed person."
- Hey, don't call John Mabry a "borrowed person" - 5/11

"He made some great plays and those are things that don't show up in the box score but show up in the win column. You know he's a grinder and those are the kind of guys you like to have around."
- Now that's a lot nicer, except I prefer plays that do show up in the box score, like runs - 5/11

"I remember Eddie Mathews turned over a food spread once. What good does that do? It gets your blood pressure up so you can have a heart attack? Eddie turned it over one time and the hot dogs [spilled]. We thought it was ridiculous and we washed the hot dogs off and ate them"
- Man, Dusty's a trooper. Nothing gets between him and his Hebrew Nationals - 5/11

"If you let the game dictate your anger and moods, how are you supposed to keep everybody out there constant and consistent? That's my job. At the same time, if this game controls your moods up and down -- during these eight games if I was a drinking man, I'd be an alcoholic. What does that do for your health? My job is to figure out a way out of this."
- Right.... so are you doing your job? - 5/11

"I don't have any problem firing myself up or the team up. You just don't look fired up when you're getting beat. I'm an emotional person. Under fire, I've always been the way I am. When things get real tough, I tend to hold more things inside, and maybe that's why I've been on hypertension medicine since I was 19-years-old. You've got to take care of your own health, too. I show emotion, big time."
- Dusty aims at the world record for most contradictions in a single soundbite - 5/13

"Unless you have a mega-team, you're going to miss the guy. What did Barry Bonds' absence last year mean to the Giants? What would Albert Pujols' absence do to the Cardinals?"
- Dusty brings up a good point about missing Derrek Lee, but I bet those teams wouldn't go 2-12 in May. I mean, we're the only MLB team built around one good player, aren't we? - 5/13

"It's great to see him in the locker room. He's a big part of this club. It feels good for all of us, but especially him."
- Dusty on Kerry Wood - 5/14


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