Tuesday, May 16

A spot of baseball tonight?

dalai lama

WASHINGTON NATIONALS [13-25, Road 10-15]
Alfonso Soriano, LF [.285]
Jose Vidro, 2B [.338]
Nick Johnson, 1B [.312]
Jose Guillen, RF [.227]
Ryan Church, CF [.250]
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B [.266]
Wiki Gonzalez, C [.444]
Royce Clayton, SS [.250]
Livan Hernandez, P [.300]
CHICAGO CUBS [15-22, Home 8-9]
Allergic to the bases, CF [.225]
Fire Scalp, LF [.278]
In stubble we trust, 2B [.284]
Awful at the plate, worse behind it, C [.281]
Never met a meal he didn't like, 3B [.214]
A free agent steal!, RF [.265]
"He's a real grinder", 1B [.217]
Young, dumb and full of OBP, SS [.288]
Latin Heat, P [.067]
WAS : RHP Livan Hernandez [1-4, 6.52 ERA]
CHC : RHP Carlos Zambrano [1-2, 3.88 ERA]

Two struggling greats on the hill tonight as we welcome one of the few teams with a worse record than us, and anything could happen. I don't think we can play much worse than we are at the moment, although even that could be proved wrong.

Livan is awful this season in the first inning, so starting quickly is paramount, and his slow pitching delivery leaves him vulnerable to a boatload of stolen bases. Are you listening Juan? Matt? Ronny? Blanco?

Here's hoping that our first rest day in 17 games has given us enough energy to lend El Toro some run support.


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