Friday, April 28

Fun Facts with Rutger Hauer!!


Did You Know....

> The Cubs were 5-8 last season vs. Milwaukee??
> Greg's older brother Mike Maddux is the Brewers' pitching coach??
> Greg Maddux leads the NL with a 4-0 record and 0.99 ERA??
> Greg Maddux is 12-3 lifetime vs. Milwaukee [2.16 ERA in 20 starts]??
> Maddux went only 3-2 vs. Milwaukee in 2005 [4.80 ERA in 5 starts, OPP BA .328]??
> Brewers OF Geoff Jenkins is .395 lifetime vs. Maddux [15-for-38]??
> The Cubs are batting .278 vs. RHP??

MIL : RHP Dave Bush [2-1, 3.54 ERA]
CHC : RHP Greg Maddux [4-0, 0.99 ERA]

I will be watching this one on the ol' I reckon, so we'll see what happens. Since Lee's injury, we've performed reasonably well at 3-3, but we'll need another week or two in order to fully understand just how his absence affects this team. We have a potentially tricky next month on the schedule, including 7 games against the Padres [4 away, 3 home], and a series against the White Sox at Comiskey.

I'm just glad that we should have Lee, Wood AND Prior back for the month of June, where the shit really could hit the fan [@ St. Louis x 3, @ Houston x 3, vs. Detroit x 3, @ Cleveland x 3, @ Minnesota x 3, vs. Houston x 3, vs. Milwaukee x 4]. That stretch should just about decide the Cubs' fate.

Regardless, maybe I'll liveblog today if work doesn't grab me by the throat and try to steal my milk money.


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

By June, Wade Miller is supposed to be back too (Rothschild estimated June 1st). Wood ought to be back early in May, and it looks like Prior is about two weeks behind him.

Until then, we get some good looks at Guzman and Marshall. One of them ought to remain in the rotation until Miller is back (and if Marshall or Guzman do very well, maybe Miller ought to be bullpen reinforcement/swingman).

At 11:36 AM, Blogger DS said...

It's all about June, that month will indeed make or break us. As for Lee being back in June, that's doubtful. He went out on the 20th, gone for 8 - 10 (some estimates have been as high as 12) weeks so that puts him back in the lineup in mid to late June if we're lucky. Do they not teach math in Liverpool?

At 12:35 PM, Blogger JT said...

Not really, but they obviously teach you how to be a dick in Muncie, IN.

So that's nice.


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