Saturday, July 15

Slate Magazine on The Cubs

Alright, so I signed on to be a contributor for this blog back in its gestation phase, and as time has told, I rarely to never contribute anything, much less anything worth reading. Which leads me to two points:

1. Why do I have the highest number of profile views? The interweb continues to baffle me.

2. The Cubs Savior - Chicago Fans Wait for Their Messiah

The "Sports Nut" column dissects the 100 years of waiting for the one player who will take the Cubs all the way. Alternately titled (by me) as Meanwhile, Everyone Waited for Kerry Wood and Mark Prior To Get Healthy. The article also contains a nice link to this ESPN bit, which I'm sure you have already all been following - Foul Play: On the Trail of the Most Reclusive Man in Sports. Have fun, all. And as for my blogger profile...move along, folks. Nothing there to see.