Friday, September 2

Taking a Break

Readers, friends, and internet strangers,

LB is taking a few days off. I tried to post earlier in the week, but, looking back on it now, it really is trivial considering what's been happening down in the Gulf over the last few days. I'll be back on tuesday or wednesday of next week, but for now, it seems only appropriate to take a back seat as far as the Cubs are concerned. I'm sure they'll perform well over the weekend with a series in Pittsburgh, and on tuesday I'll recap it all as well as possibly attempt to put my thoughts into words regarding the Hurricane.

I apologize for this post taking so long, but this sort of reflection and acknowledgement is pertinent regardless of the day on which it comes.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is well, I hope for the best down in Louisiana, Mississippi, and all the other cities/states trying to help out.

Here's a link to the Red Cross website -- if you haven't yet donated, please consider it.