Sunday, April 29

And how

Thumbs up:
Lilly, Hill, Marquis - The Wonder Bread Trio

Responsible for 8 of our 10 wins. I'm impressed, and really did not see this happening at all. Of course it's still early, but who gives a fuck?

Rich Hill [3-1, 1.57 ERA]
Ted Lilly [2-2, 2.18 ERA]
The Marquis de Slop [3-1, 2.35 ERA]

Derrek Lee
Batting at a great clip, picking up where he left off in 2005 and his Triple Crown hunt [fuck you, Pujols]. No home run oomph, but still, 16 RBIs so far.

Alfonso Soriano
Not prolific just yet, but he's coming along nicely. His average and OBP need to improve a lot for a leadoff, but it's still early.

Beating the Cardinals a lot
I like this the most.

The Riot!
Goddamn. Why is he not in the permanent lineup? He can play multiple positions, and hits for average like a rotisserie leaguer's wet dream. More ABs, please.

Thumbs down:
Carlos Zambrano
Where did the Bull go? He's trying way too hard, getting shellacked, and his Latin fire needs to be channeled more effectively. Maybe he cannot relate to the crazy fire of Pinella.

Mark Prior
Fuck off and die. You are dead to me, but real death might not be so bad. Fuck off and join the Orioles.

Losing a lot to the Pirates
I don't like this one bit, because I have several big bets with a die-hard Pirates fan that I really don't want to have to pay out on.

Our shitty shortstops
Izturis and Cedeno are currently the worst non-pitching hitters on the team. Weak bats, terrible D. I never thought I'd be pining for the Alex Gonzalez era.

Where are the homers?
No home run power from anyone so far. Aramis has the touch, Barrett has mysteriously found some power, and Mark DeRosa, our SECOND BASEMAN, is 2nd on the team in trips to dinger country. Carlos Zambrano has as many HRs as Derrek Lee, and Cliff Floyd. Ronny Cedeno has more HRs than Lee. Soriano has yet to hit one, and he's in a more HR-friendly park [how the fuck did he hit 46 at RFK Stadium?].

All singles and no bombs make JT go crazy.

Biggest Thumbs Down ever:
Us. We're lazy, and we suck. I need to get this outlet running again. Promise. Fuck. I hope I don't break that promise.


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous lazlo said...

Soriano, Jones and Murton end the 1st month with 0 HRs between them. Still, Soriano is doing better for us so far this year than Pierre did last year, amazingly enough. Sooner or later Lee is going to come down from his .392 average (though I'd rather he doesn't), and then it'll be interesting to see what happens to the offense. Theriot is apparently the only guy on the team who knows how to walk, and before today he'd only take 2 BB all year.

At 3:38 PM, Blogger Chip Wesley said...

Good to see you guys are back, maybe?

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous lazlo said...

Who will be sent down when Guzman is called up on Sunday? Pie, Cedeno? If Cedeno goes down we are shorthanded in the middle infield, and if Pie goes down we don't have a defensive sub in the OF, plus AAA is crowded in the outfield with Walker, Pagan and Coats.

Will the Cubs decide to go to 11 pitchers again and send down Cherry or deal Ohman (there are rumors that Detroit is interested)?

Oh, and what is up with Eyre and Z?

At 4:39 PM, Blogger JT said...

Yes, maybe is the ultimate word. It's good to be back, just need to find a little more time in the day to push on.

Lazlo -- it made sense to see Cedeno bite it. He was sucking hard with the bat, struggling in the field, and let's face it, we need all the bullpen we can get. Just means Theriot is going to need to be more of a superstar than he has been already. You know, if it's not asking too much.

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous lazlo said...


The Cedeno and Pie send down made sense, I think. Pie needs to play and didn't have much value off of the bench, and Cedeno needs to work out his problems. Even a pessimistic view of Cedeno probably wouldn't have him hitting sub .100. Unfortunately, he hasn't done much in AAA so far either. How 'bout that Mike Fontenot, though? 1st round draft pick in '01. Could turn out to be one of those extra pieces that we're always looking for. Then again, it seems like all we have are extra pieces.


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