Wednesday, April 19

Penny vs. Marshall: Rubber Game Preview

We've dominated and been dominated in this series. Tonight's match up is an odd one that could go either way. Sean "Iceman" Marshall has been impressive for a rookie. Brad "Don't confuse me with Sidney Ponson" Penny has been just flat out impressive.

The Cubs have yet to drop two in a row this season so why start now? I'll just get right into my shot in the dark predictions: Marshall goes five, gives up two runs. Penny goes six and gives up three runs. Cubs win 6-3. Our bats will get warmer and Lee, Ramirez, and Murton drive in runs.

Plans changed at the last minute last night and I didn't make the game. In retrospect, that's a good thing. Last night's loss would have been a tough one to stomach in person (it was hard enough on TV). I'll be at Dodger stadium on the first base line tonight. It'll be the first time I've been to a cubs game in over a decade. I can't even tell you the outcome the last time I saw them at Wrigley. JT: I'll do my best to snap a pic of Nomar holding a tube of Vagisil.


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Jim said...

This does not look like a good match up tonight. Everything suggests an easy win for the Dodgers in a low scoring game.

So it's baseball. When things look like they ought to be one way, they often as not turn out the other.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger DS said...

I agree, it doesn't look good. But, as you kind of implied, this game is hardly every predictable.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Yeah, the game is hard to predict. Like predicting Murton batting in some runs tonight. It might be hard from the bench. But maybe Mabry will do the job in his place. Or maybe Murton will come in as pinch hitter and knock in some runs.

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Jim said...

So I'm sitting up late at my computer, my eyes burning and itching, and the Cubs losing, 'cause the only way I'm following this game is on Game Day, and the whole thing looks lost, when Game Day freezes on me.

I'm thinking it's all over anyway, and I should just go to bed, I've got work the next day, what am I sittin' up for, starin' at this dumb screen when there ain't nuthin' happenin' anyway, when it occurs to me I could get the same info on SI's site and maybe it's runnin', although I doubt it, 'cause it's probably my ISP that's creatin' the problem.

But no, it's not the ISP's fault (this time), and there it is, these blokes (a word JT taught me) have managed, of all things, to come from behind! They're winnin' and this has happened after two of our best players have somehow managed to injure each other and leave the game! Holy Cow!

I'm thinkin' this has gotta be a sign!

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Hope you're right Jim, but if Lee is out for any length of time we may be in trouble.

But here's an interesting idea - what do you do to the lineup with Lee out? Here are the options as I see them:

Walker, etc.

Walker, etc.

Walker, etc.

Or, do you leave Walker in the 2-spot and move somebody else into the 3-spot? You could just shift the lineup forward with Aramis batting 3rd, or you could put Murt' or Barrett in there maybe. What do you guys think? This is certainly a problem for Dusty.

Also, who fills Eyre's role until he is ready to pitch again? It shouldn't be too long, luckilly, but it's still something to think about.


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