Thursday, March 16

Prior Hits First 'Snag' of the Year

So it's happened, in case you didn't already hear. Mark Prior is going to be setback at least a few days on his pitching regimen after reporting soreness in his throwing shoulder during a workout earlier this week. He is being flown to his hometown in San Diego to be checked out by a specialist. Basically, from what I'm reading, it could be nothing, or it could be something. No one knows yet.

There had been rumors flying around that he had already sustained an elbow or shoulder injury a couple weeks ago that the Cubs weren't telling us about, so this new development has the people supporting that rumor all up in arms in typical "We told you so" fashion. The Cubs' standpoint is that there was nothing behind those rumors, that Prior hasn't complained once this spring until now. I tend to believe them in this case, as Hendry pointed out that the team would have nothing to gain by hiding a problem that they knew existed, only to divulge this information now, 3 weeks after the fact. Who knows though, I could be feeling particularly naive today.

Here is the story on the Cubs homepage, and expect another related link or two as I find them.


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