Thursday, March 16

Spring Trip to the DL, Anyone?


Life ain't as bad as it may seem hanging out on the DL.**

So the results of yesterday's exam are going to be announced today at Ho-Ho-Kam Park. I will keep my ear to the ground to see if any horses are coming. Then I'll metaphorically keep my ear to the ground and let you know what they announce when I find something about it.

The Tribune has a decent version of the story, including a pseudo time-line. They also address/analyze the question about whether or not any stock should be placed in the 'rumors' that had been flying around up until Prior was flown out west for an exam. All in all, the evidence (if you can call it that) that the article uses does all seem to point to the fact that no one knew about the injury 'prior' (pun intended, ber her) to right now.

However (and it's a big whopping huge however, in my mind), I've also learned that the 'rumors' started due to a report by a man named Will Carroll who first reported that Prior's shoulder was in rough shape weeks ago. He had it from a source who knows Prior well, and here is an excerpt from their supposed conversation (Oh, and Prior may even know exactly who the anonymous source was):

"I told him, `Please tell me you're right,'" Carroll recalled. "He just said, `Trust me.'"

Anyway, here is that story, minus the Carroll report, at the Tribune (which owns the Cubs, etc, etc)

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**OK, so that picture is from 2004, so what??


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