Thursday, March 2

Dr. Dusty, the man with the plan


The Cubs took their first action of the year yesterday, holding a little intrasquad scrimmage in which the A team beat the B, 9-2. Lee hit a 2-run double and Jacque Jones clubbed two hits off left-handed pitching (note: he's a career .227 against them southpaws), a HR off Rich "Going Down" Hill and a single off Koronka.

Apart from that, the day's media releases were full of medical-esque quotes and insight from the man himself, Dusty B.

On Aramis Ramirez and his aching knees:
"He's fine, but we still have to watch him... most of the time you get hurt when you're tired. We have to build him up to nine innings so he'll be ready when the season starts."

On Todd Walker and his everyday status:
"I've got a game plan.... some of it depends on how healthy Todd feels, how his legs feel. He's still recuperating from last year at the end of the year. With the hard ground down here, it puts pressure on your legs."

On Kerry Wood and Wade Miller, who are both apparently close to throwing to hitters off the mound, and who could be ready for SP duty in May:
"They're looking good -- they're looking real good.... Who knows what you may need [by then]? Before it's over with, who knows? We may need all of them. I've been on teams who look like we have too many, and it's barely enough."


At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

The first hint of "competitive" baseball: Cactus league games.

A win in spring training may not mean as much, but it's good to know that Z can go 2 innings without giving up a run, and Dempster can have a 1-2-3 inning. Also, the projected starters got the job done against Danny Haren scoring 5 runs in two innings. Nothing incredible from the offense, but pretty much what we want to see. Plus, Pierre laid down two bunts, one of which was a successful hit, one was not. That's not something I would mind seeing more of. Can't wait to watch them on TV on sunday, even if we will be missing Z, Barrett, Lee, and Blanco, and even if it is only spring training.

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Here we go! Woody to have orthroscopic knee surgery. The bloggers'll be buzzing now.

Hold your breath, Cubs fans, you know Zambeastie is gonna slide hard into third during the World tourney. And if they don't let him bat, he'll probably slide in to tag some poor fool out.

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

The game is shown on WGN, and Jones, Pierre, and Cedeno do not play. Except for Murton, I didn't get to see most of the guys I really wanted to see. Still, it was nice to see baseball. I can't wait until the games start to count.


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