Friday, March 17

Carlos & Neifi : The Odd Couple


[From the New York Times, March 16:

"Michael Barrett, the Chicago Cubs catcher, said the team did not want to leave the Classic "not having won." He mentioned the looks on the faces of the Venezuelans after the Dominican Republic knocked them out of the tournament Tuesday.

"I think their reaction speaks volumes about how we all feel about playing in this thing and how disappointing it will be for all of us not to advance," he said. "I know Carlos Zambrano doesn't want to go back to the Cubs and listen to Neifi Perez talk about how awesome the Dominican team is over the Venezuelan team, but that gives them bragging rights."]

CarlosZ38 signed on.

CarlosZ38: hola neifi!!!!! como estas????

Auto Response from N3ifi_the_E_Machine: dominicana!!!1!1!!! dominicana!!1!!!!!1! hey, venezuela: mama mi guebo, pendejos!!!!!!1!11!!!1!

CarlosZ38: shut the eff up
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: don't be jealous! Dooooomiiiinnniiiicaaaaannnnaaaaa!!!!!
CarlosZ38: i hate u
CarlosZ38: i will bean u in bp muchacho
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: lol
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: just cuz we kicked ur ass
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: pwn3d!!!!! adios venezuela and ur gay jerseys
CarlosZ38: eff u
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: just think
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: when ur on the mound against the Reds split squad, mi dominicana will be playing for da trophee biatch
CarlosZ38: hey, but i hit better than u last season
CarlosZ38: and i played for my country, while you sit at home and cheer at the tv
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: lol jerk
CarlosZ38: lolololololo!!!! no response for that do you?????
CarlosZ38: plus you don't even start, t-dub plays second and the rookie take ur spot at short lmao rofl lololol!!!!!
N3ifi_the_E_Machine: fuck u

N3ifi_the_E_Machine signed off.


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