Monday, May 22

One More L ... Who's Still Counting?

Speculation has been swirling as to whether or not Barrett's fiasco provided the spark that the Cubs needed to get their act together. The answer came tonight and was a definitive, resounding NO.

The Cubs opened a stint in Florida tonight. Before this series, anyone with a shred of optimism left could have made a case that we could sweep the fish. After all, the Marlins are one of the worst teams in MLB sitting at the bottom of the NL East. Unfortunately, our pathetic team couldn't manage to even make a game out of this much less win. Final score was 9-1 and former cub prospect Nolasco owned us tonight going seven innings and allowing only four hits. Oh, he also went 2-3 at the plate driving in two.

Marshall finally pitching like the rookie he is.

Rather than recount how the Marlins punished Cubs' pitching all night, I'm just going to touch on a couple of things.

One: Why the hell is Murton batting in the bottom third of the order? He's one of the few Cubbies doing anything with the bat and he's still at the bottom (JT and I discussed this briefly).

Two: The Marlins fans, unlike Pittsburgh fans, should be respected. Pierre hit a double in the sixth and received an ovation. Ramirez was traded from Pittsburgh THREE years ago and still gets booed there. Yet another reason to hate the city of Pittsburgh and their fans.

Three: Why was Murton swapped out for Bynum? I guess Dusty likes to switch up who he screws over with the double switch.

Four: Marshall had his shortest outing of his career going just over three innings and giving up seven earned runs. It was bound to happen sooner or later. He's been amazing so far this year so I guess it was just a matter of time until he started acting like a typical 2006 Cubs starting pitcher.

Five: Ramirez hit another HR tonight (that's three in two games). Not sure how he's doing it but I'm sure it won't last.

If I sound deflated, I am. This team is terrible. Can the Cubs lose 100 this year?

One final thing: Joe Girardi should be Dusty's replacement.


At 9:38 AM, Blogger JT said...

The Cubs will not lose 100, but we will come close. A few talking heads on ESPN yesterday were saying Barrett should get around 20 games' suspension for what he did, and one of the only guys defending him was fat chin Mariotti. He put down the donut and called out AJ, but it's all a moot point.

We'll lose Barrett for a while and become progressively worse, and we're really not helping by batting some of our better guys way down the order with no protection. Murton BEHIND jones and mabry? Are you kidding me?

Sad note: the Cubs are 9-21 without Derrek Lee, and there's really no sign of any improvement. Fuck.

At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

20 games would be way too much for punching P-Brain. Maybe 5 games. Or a medal and a firm handshake.


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