Wednesday, November 2


It's been another couple of weeks. Apologies.

The World Series is over, thank g-d. The White Sox won it all, deservedly, although it doesn't change the fact that I hate A.J. Pierzynski. A lot.

Interesting news I read today concerned poor old Matt Lawton. Apparently, according to a lot of sources (with Deadspin leading the charge), he tested positive for steroids during the postseason. MLB is keeping quiet until the appeals process is over, but hey, the guy got caught. He's perhaps the most boring Yankee to have been caught (I wish it had been Sheffield, or Aaron Small), but hey, it still happened.

He had recently filed for FA, and we did have him on our roster for 19 or so gloriously anonymous games, and now this. Poor Bastard.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger Jim said...

He was seriously injured and with so much money involved, is it any wonder a player will risk getting caught taking seroids?

Look at how many people think nothing of speeding down the highway when there is a chance they could be caught and have to pay a serious fine, not to mention being killed and/or killing others. Yet more people than not do it all the time, and the five minutes they save hardly matters to anyone, including them.

Throw a few million dollars a year at someone, and all kinds of people will take the risk.


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