Tuesday, October 4

He's Baack....

It's been a long month. Illness, the inevitable deluge of work, a trip back to the ol' slop-bucket, alcoholic alma mater, and general ennui. I mean, football season is on too, and I've lost count of the hours spent bookworming on possible stars for every fantasy team in the book.

But, the nose is off the grindstone, and I do have a lot to say about the last month, a month that's seen "same old, same old" from our Cubbies, as well as unparalleled luck, fortune and success for perhaps my 8 least favourite franchises in the entire league.

I will be back. Tomorrow. Postseason. Stuff to say about it. Hopefully daily.

Next Week. Cubs. What the f*ck: Looks like we got a case of the Septembers. Also daily.

Sorry for letting everyone down. I'm back now, and angrier and statistical-ier than ever.


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