Thursday, November 3


Kudos to Maddux and D-Lee for snagging NL Gold Gloves yesterday. It's Greg's 15th and Derrek's 2nd. Hey, some gold in the trophy case is better than none, right?


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Derrek's offense won him the gold glove this year. That's not to say that his defense isn't good enough, what I am saying is that he didn't win a gold glove last year with virtually identical defense. Why? Because he didn't win a batting title this year. No one notices your defense if you don't hit well, especially if there are other guys out there who are almost as good as you. Good job Derrek. Keep up the hitting and maybe you can get a few more gold gloves.

Maddux, sorry, but I was hoping Z would get this one! I didn't see you turning any sommersaults and flipping the ball to first between your legs. Seriously though, no one can compete with Maddux's consistency with the glove from only 50 feet away from the plate.


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