Monday, November 7

Brief Football Interlude

The weekend is done, and so are Wisconsin's hopes for a Big Ten title. Thanks for playing, you truly were tremendous competitors. But how about the NFL?

First off, every team who were supposed to win actually did. This never happens. No major upsets, no wins against the run of form; just flat-out win after win for the favorite.

The Week in 150 Words or Less

Atlanta 17, Miami 10
Vick Sr. can throw? Doubles Frerotte's output, team wins by a TD.

Detroit 14, Minnesota 27
Brad Johnson is boring, game had me snoring. Edinger looks like Fievel from an American Tail.

Oakland 23, Kansas City 27
LJ: worshipped at PSU. In KC, the love affair continues.

Tennessee 14, Cleveland 20
Who makes this schedule? Oh, and Dennis Northcutt is still alive and well, doing his best 2002 impression.

Carolina 34, Tampa Bay 14
Chris Simms throwing 42 times? The main ingredient in a recipe for defeat.

Cincinnati 21, Baltimore 9
Tab Perry scored a TD. I used to love drinking Tab.

Houston 14, Jacksonville 21
Another horrible game. Leftwich does just enough.

San Diego 31, NY Jets 26
The one man show does it again, Bolts still make Bollinger look like Bradshaw.

Chicago 20, New Orleans 17
The 2nd game this weekend decided by a Nittany Lion. Gould bangs the GW FG like Matt Leinart bangs the entire USC female student body. Everyone's happy.

Seattle 33, Arizona 19
Shaun Alexander: just push play.

NY Giants 24, San Francisco 9
Brandon Jacobs: 5 rush, 3 yards, 2 TD. Brilliant.

Pittsburgh 20, Green Bay 10

Philadelphia 10, Washington 17
T.O. absent, Eagles nascent. Makes no difference thanks to Portis and co.


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Ummm... question: Who cares?

At 9:57 AM, Blogger JT said...

So much for trying to diversify. No-one likes a one trick pony, especially an English one.

If the Cubs did something, I would be all over it like Yogi Bear on pickanick baskets.


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