Saturday, June 18

Offending Articles

Lazlo, thanks for the heads-up. Here is the spit-ball/Buehrle article... who is he again?

Maddux, Dempster, spitballs and Snotballs (

More Cubs stories for today, pre-game:

Wonder Prior simulates pitching -- real progress (

A Chicago Sun-Times Newsflash: Cubs "tough to figure out" (Sun-Times)

Lee is "an emerging star" (USA Today)

Which "on pace to" forecasts can be put to rest? (

Today's Starters
CHC: LHP Glendon Rusch • 5-2, 2.57 ERA in 2005 • Did not face NYY in 2004
NYY: RHP Chien-Ming Wang • 3-2, 4.44 ERA in 2005 • Did not face CHC in 2004


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Jim said...

They are beginning to stink. I won't even use their names. The earth should open up and swallow them.

At 11:31 PM, Anonymous lazlo said...

The past two games have been dissapointing, but that's no reason to lose faith. I think something needs to be done at the top of the order though. Perez is slumping badly, and Corey is irratic at best. We need guys who can get on base. I would think about moving some guys around in the order. Maybe it's time to switch Walker and Corey, and maybe Hairston should start to see some playing time again.

Anyway Jim, if you've been able to wait the 97 years, then I would think you could have some patience with them here. They're still well within reach of the Cards and the Wild Card. I do however think that losing to the Yankees is especially annoying.

At 12:38 AM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

i haven't given up hope at all, but.......

history tells us that the team that is leading a division at memorial day wins the division 70% of the time. at memorial day this year, the cubs were 7.5 games behind the cards. as of this last loss, they have made up no ground. looks like it could very well be a wild card hope this year...

At 1:32 AM, Blogger DS said...

Well...we've ridden the Neifi wave long enough. I agree that we should re-work the top of the order. Hot rod and hairston should def be up there.

And I agree with hypo, as much as I'd like to see us have a shot at the division, the wild card is our best shot.

At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Well, the top of the order was somewhat retooled today. Holly was switched in the order with Corey. I still think Walker is a better two spot hitter than Hollandsworth. We need someone who's going to be on base a lot, and while saving Walker's power for later in the lineup seems logical, Holly is only batting .245 or so, and is just not going to be on base enough right now. He's got some pop in his bat too, so why not leave him late in the line up and put Walker batting second? He's batting well over .300 and that would mean our two best hitters will be back to back in the lineup. Lee is batting in the .380 .390 vicinity and Walker is batting around .315. That's going to come out to a lot of runs scored for Walker, and a lot of RBIs for Lee, or Burnitz and Ramirez. Whatever we do, changes need to be made, because the Cubs have looked awful this weekend.

Pitching needs some quick fixes too, but I have no ideas there. Sunday we gave up six runs, all on singles and errors!!! That's terrible. The pitching really needs to get it together. Rib Man Williams is pitching on tuesday, so we'll get our first look at him.

Upsides? Well, Prior may skip the minors, possibly pitching another Sim game on wednesday, and it looks like Wood will be back in the majors soon, possibly after one more minor league outing. We can only hope.

At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Uh oh. Sounds like dissent in the ranks. Today in an article on a quote from Todd Walker sounded suspiciously like criticism of this week's pitching. Not a good sign. We really need a few good series here to make the Cubs a team again.


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