Thursday, June 9

The New Guys/Headlines

Another solid Mitre outing, Wood and Prior pitching and throwing again - the rehab renaissance continues. It seems that, after all the call-ups and promotions from the minors, that the pitching is as strong as ever.

The rotation, albeit patchwork, is holding together well for the time being - Zambrano, Rusch, Maddux, Mitre, Koronka - and the bullpen is steady now that it's Hawkins-free.

So what about the guys we received in exchange for Lucky LaTroy?

While I'm not making any predictions as to whether any of them will see major-league time this season, I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on their progress in the minors. Both came over with significant upsides (as previously analyzed in a LB post), "pitching prospects" who came at a desperate time. Both are, it appears, progressing well so far, so without further ado...

Jerome Williams
The Hawaiian Franchise Barbeque impresario of the Bay Area, Williams has found a decent home at AAA-Iowa. In 2 starts so far, he's a king rib-like 1-0, giving up 4 ER in 12 IP (11 H, 3 BB, 7 K). Dusty is pleased with his progress, so we could expect JW to get some Wrigley time in the near future.

David Aardsma
His two starts in AA-West Tenn (can anyone explain what a "Diamond Jaxx" is?) have yielded similar numbers: 11 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 8 BB, 7 K. His walk totals are a little troubling, but it's hard to read too much into it given his current playing level and mound appearances at AA. Touted as the future closer for the Giants, Aardsma was converted to a starter because of his erratic control on the mound, and it looks like that is still following him around despite being in the comfy confines of West Tennessee.

Some interesting analysis comes from the highly-respected and widely-read Lake County Record-Bee (CA) and their resident baseballist: he thinks the Cubs got cheated a little, but the Giants (1-11 in their last 12 - go Hawkins!) weren't smart given the recent trades of other high-profile and perhaps better relievers.

Check the article out here, and wonder why the Record-Bee isn't in your daily reading material.

Whatever the Bee says, Dusty sees it otherwise. According to a recent Sun-Times article (possibly on a par with the Record-Bee), Baker wants to bring Williams up soon regardless of Wood and Prior's progress. Does he know something we don't? Is he a mad genius like many of us suspect? Or does he just want coupons to the Aloha Rib-Shack buffet?

"Williams is on the way but not in tip-top pitching condition yet,'' said Baker, who was asked if the Cubs might bring up Williams in the next two to three weeks. "We hope so. He is working toward it.''

The Cubs love Utah - drafting 4 Utahians/Utahish/Utahiors/whatever this week. Our top pick, pitcher Mark Pawelek loves Led Zeppelin. Great! Check out the No. 1 Cubs here.

The Cubs also love selecting pitchers in the draft - 11 in 18 rounds, check some of them out here.

Cubs and Cats, Cats and Cubs - Barrett loves the felines

Dusty to cut down on Koronka's TV time - starring on it, that is

Cubs wives write Wrigley words for Wee'uns


At 6:09 PM, Blogger DS said...

"The Hawaiian Franchise Barbeque impresario of the Bay Area"

funniest thing I've read all're killin' me JT

At 6:15 PM, Blogger DS said...

one other thing, the link to the bee piece appears to be broken (extra http:// in the link). Not sure if you did that on purpose or not since I now feel dumber for having read various things on that site...

At 12:46 AM, Blogger Jim said...

It sure gets dull when the Cubs have an off day. I'm dreading the end of October already.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger JT said...

I know.... thankfully today's excitement will more than make up for yesterday's tedium.


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