Thursday, April 21

Hypo's Take

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately but don't worry, I've been reading. I would say more about last night's game (Cubs 3, Cardinals 1), but JT pretty much covered everything. All I will say about it is that Zambrano is RIDICULOUS! As time goes by, I'm sure it will become more evident who each of our favorite Cubbies are, but I'll go ahead and say for myself right now that Zambrano is definitely one of mine and has been for at least a year now. I love his heart, his attitude, his adrenaline, and his nasty 'stuff'. In fact, parts of JT's praises even look like they could be paraphrases of one or more of my previous rantings! He's great! So let's heed Jim's suggestion and make with the nicknaming! I'll open the discussion...

Z! (I put the exclamation point to emphasize the single letter nickname, but why not? Yahoo!)
Z-no (too much like J-lo? how about Zeno, like the beloved tavern at PSU?)
Zambino, or The Great Zambino

I kinda like the last one, but maybe they all suck... So click "comment" and rip mine apart! Give us your better ideas! All ideas from anyone are welcome here!


At 1:06 PM, Blogger JT said...

If he suddenly played badly (which he won't) he could be Zoso hahaha...

Real suggestions:
The Devil
The Venezuelan Savior

At 2:04 AM, Blogger JT said...

How about Zambrosia?

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Derek said...

I've always called him the Zamboni.


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