Tuesday, April 19

4-18-04 -- Thoughts from JT - leicester's loss, our loss

Cubs 6, Reds 7 -- Boxscore of Disappointment

Jon Leicester. The second time he's broken our hearts this year, sending us to our third loss of a 13-game season by one run. One run losses are the back-breaker of any spirited team, and the Cubs are no different. Despite some excellent early Inning offense from the bats of Patterson, Ramirez, Lee and Burnitz (Jeromy! That one was for me, right?), Kerry couldn't hold it, gave Dunn 2 HRs and an inflated sense of self-esteem, and the rest is history.

Despite a solid inning from Bullpen Beast Glendon Rusch in the 7th, they pulled him for the righty Leicester in the 8th, who did the damage (see Hypo's take for the gory details).

This is not the first time this season - against the Brewers in Week One, Leicester walked 4 in 2 1/3 Innings, giving up 3 runs and condemning the Cubs in 12.

On the positive side, the 4 big Cubs bats found base-rounding success against the starter Belisle. It was a good confidence boost for the guys NOT named Derrek Lee, and we can only hope gone-from-ahead losses like this do not become a motif. Keep swinging, and success with follow. Burnitz, I'm sorry for what I've said before, today you were fantastic. Jon Leicester, RHP, it's your turn to make amends.


At 12:08 AM, Blogger Jim said...

When Borowski comes back, we know who's going down. Poor John Leicester, he looked very good in spring training, but that's baseball. He needs some work at Iowa. He'll be back at the major league level one day soon, maybe before the season is over.


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