Sunday, April 17

Week 2 in Boxscores

4-16-05 Cubs 4, Pirates 3
4-15-05 Cubs 5, Pirates 8
4-13-05 Cubs 3, Padres 8
(Gm 2) Cubs 8, Padres 3
4-11-05 Cubs 0, Padres 1
4-10-05 Cubs 6, Brewers 5

Not a horrendous week, but not entirely great either. The redeeming quality of the NL Central so far this season is that everyone's roughing each other up, splitting series and not really establishing control over one another, leaving all 6 teams within 1.5 games. No clear favourite, no clear disappointment. Whether this means all the teams are of an unusually high quality or are irritatingly average remains to be seen (although really, I fear, the answer is pretty clear - don't look for a World Series winner in this mob based on early-season evidence)

Highlights/reviews/notes from the weekend series at Pittsburgh coming soon - been a long weekend so far, and will recap on Monday morning when the dust has inevitably settled.

Also, headlines will follow in due course.


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