Wednesday, April 13

Cubs Fans "Too Happy"

This is a New York Times article from last Saturday about the author of the movie "Fever Pitch." The Cubs get a pretty entertaining mention half-way through it, although you might need to create a free user account to access it.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger Jim said...

It's the fan base. All of the angry baseball fans in Chicago are White Sox fans. That's the working class ball team. The Cubs fans have more in common with San Fransisco fans. Now there's a happy group of baseball fans.

Somebody really ought to do a socialogical study on baseball fans. St. Louis has a large German fan base. And in St. Louis you are not allowed to boo. Can you imagine paying all of that money to see a big league baseball game and then being thrown out of the ball park because you boo? What a rip!


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