Monday, April 11

4-11-05 -- Hypo's Take - Cubs 0, Padres 1

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Another difficult game to take. A blindfolded midget with one arm standing on his head could muster more hits than the Cubbies do in an average game. Ok, that's a little harsh, but come on... zero runs scored!?! Still, I am confident the cubs will get it together this year, but it's like when my mom comes home from work and tries to cheer me up with, "You'll find a job and move out of this place eventually!" Sure I know that time will come, but it's hard to get excited about my 30's right now. Here are a few pointers from the game:

-- Swinging Sammy... I mean Jeromy...
Burnitz went 0 for 4 today, striking out swinging 3 times and stranding 5 runners. I guess he was just working on the mechanics of his swing today, and thought the guys standing on base were awestruck admirers. It's ok though, after the heroics yesterday, maybe we'll let it slide this time.

-- Hitless No-more
Nomar was hitless in the previous two games, and has only managed 2 hits in his last 23 AB's, but today was 1/3 with a walk. If you're scoring at home, that makes his OBP .500 today. Perhaps he's coming out of his rut?

-- Catch that thief!
Barrett for the second day in a row caught two base-runners trying to steal second with gunshot quick throws to second. Nice work from a guy who is growing up to be a great catcher. Opponents will start to think twice before trying to steal second in the future, I gaurantee it.

-- The pitching once again was very good today, spreading out 4 hits and 3 walks total throughout the game. It's just a shame our lovable Cubbies couldn't back it up with even a LITTLE bit of offense. Let's just say I've had more runs after eating a not-so-spicy burrito than we managed to score today.

Oh well, here's to tomorrow...


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