Monday, April 11

Monday's Headlines - Hot-rod Edition

Hot-Rodd Todd Walker - 2B may be out a while... say it ain't so (Chicago Sun-Times)

Even Cubs victories are painful (Northwest Herald)

Walker's injury puts damper on Cubs' victory (San Jose Mercury News)

Thank you to Carlos Lee, whose wholly inelegant slide into 2nd base, doing his best impression of a 300-pound Thanksgiving turkey drifting across an iced-over pond, could have cost the Cubbies dearly. I'd rather have a healthy Todd than a 12 Innings 6-5 win.

UPDATE: According to both and the Chicago Cubs website, despite the negative MRIs and the fact that he did not tear any knee ligaments, he will miss somewhere from 4-6 weeks on the DL with a hyperextended and sprained left knee. Jerry Hairston Jr. will most likely be the everyday starter at 2B until his return.


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