Sunday, April 10

4-10-05 -- Thoughts from JT - Cubs 6, Brewers 5

This was a tough game to listen to. Endless squandered opportunities on base for both teams, scrappy defense and long streaks of ground outs and fly outs. Is this how baseball is supposed to be?

+ Fielding
For the most part, this was an excellent element to the Cubs' victory today. Barrett threw out two base-runners trying to steal second, and Nomar had several excellent plays to keep the Brewers scoring in check (top 2nd - bases loaded with 0 outs, Nomar fields double play ball that allows 1 run but is the only score in the inning//top 6th - turns tough double play to end the Inning).

However, on the negative side, 2 errors - Maddux fumbling the ball in the 2nd, Rusch failing to field in the 10th - thankfully, they didn't prove costly this outing.

+ Burnitz, Ramirez, Hollandsworth
Thanks! 8-16, 5 RBI, including 4 2Bs and a 3B from big man Jeromy. Good, timely hitting from these three much-needed bats helped propel the Cubs to the win.

+ Bullpen Bravery
Wellemeyer, Wuertz, Remlinger, Rusch
7 IP, 7 H, ER, 2 BB, 7 K
(ER off Wellemeyer in the 6th, the last Brewers run of the game)
These guys kept the threatening Brewers lineup out of scoring position for the most part, enabling the Cubs to finally pluck up the courage to win the game.

- Todd Walker
A key figure in the Cubs' hopes for the season ahead, he left the game with a sprained left knee after a nasty collision with the baserunning Carlos Lee. His injury, after a negative MRI scan, leaves a huge hole in the starting lineup and forces backup Jerry Hairston Jr. (2004: 2 HR, 24 RBI, 29 K in 86 games/287 ABs) into the everyday starting 2B role for the foreseeable future. Walker joins Borowski and Prior on the injured list (although Prior should start Tuesday vs. San Diego), and with a troubling lack of quality depth, the Cubs can't afford too much time without them.

(note to Dusty: try and sign Jorge de la Rosa. Thank you.)


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