Saturday, April 16

More Proof that The Cubbies are America's Team (

"Wrigley is the kitchen of baseball," Mr. Wiltgen said, thoughtfully sipping a beer as he watched the Cubs tangle with the Milwaukee Brewers. "When you go to somebody's house, you want to be in the kitchen. It's homey, it's nostalgic, it's where it's all going on. This is as close to how baseball used to be as you can get. You can't get any closer. "


At 10:39 PM, Blogger Jim said...

You had to post a link to another article that brings up the notorious Brock for Broglio trade didn't you!

What people forget about that horribly bad deal:

1. The Cubs played better than 500 baseball that year.

2. Broglio had been a 20-game winner, and the Cardinals organization lied to the Cubs about the seriosness of the enjury that made him ineffective and brought about the end of his career. Broglio hurt his back delivering beer for the Bush family business, who owned the Cardinals, and still do. In those days, most players weren't paid enough to live on year-round, and players had to take on other jobs during the off season in order to support their families. The Bush organization was notorious for under paying its players and thus coercing them into being beer delivery boys.

3. A couple of years earlier, the Cubs made a trade with the Cardinals that brought Larry Jackson, who became the ace of their staff, and Lindy McDaniel, a top relief pitcher, to the Cubs. At the time of the Brock trade, they already had plenty of offense and thought Brock expendable.

However, even a dumb high school senior like me knew it was a dumb trade at the time.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

you know a lot about the cubs.... you think you'd ever get the urge to share your wisdom with us young'ns in posts? we can set you up with a username so you can post and i know i'd be interested to read what you have to say... give it a thought and let me know!


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