Friday, April 8

Lessons from the Diamondbacks Series

1. Todd Walker is seeing the ball better. With 7 hits from the series (7-12), he needs to perform well this year in terms of getting himself on base for the big bats behind him in the order.
2. Derrek Lee can pick up the slack of not having Sosa.
3. The bullpen looks like it could have a solid year.

1. Burnitz is a bit suspicious thus far. Strikeouts, 0 RBI even in the 16-6 win, not really getting on base. Despite the early form of Lee and Ramirez, losing Sosa and Alou is a lot to make up for.
2. Starting pitching. Zambrano was the best of a slow-starting bunch. 8K's in 4 2/3 innings (although walked 4) before getting ejected. Maddux (5 IP, 5 ER) and Ryan Dempster (3 2/3 IP, 7 ER) need to step it up. I know it's only one start each, but it's easy to get discouraged. Kerry's pitching tonight and Prior is slated to start against the Padres on Wednesday, and regardless of their health and performance, the rest of the rotation needs to be strong.
3. Finish the job. Game 3, an 8-3 loss, saw 7 Diamondback RBIs with 2 outs. The math is pretty obvious.


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