Monday, June 19

The Land of Cleves


Interleague bullshit continues with this three-game series in Cleveland. The Indians are currently enjoying their own little pity party, dropping three straight to Milwaukee thanks to their bullpen and going 2-8 in their last 10 games, but there's often no better cure to a team's losing ways than a quick rendez-vous with the league's most disappointing, our Cubbies.

Tonight, 7.05pm ET
CHC - LHP Sean Marshall [3-5, 4.82 ERA]
CLE - RHP Jason Johnson [3-7, 6.00 ERA]
Tuesday, 7.05pm ET
CHC - RHP Greg Maddux [7-6, 4.82]
CLE - LHP Cliff Lee [5-5, 5.04]
Wednesday, 7.05pm ET
CHC - RHP Carlos Zambrano [5-3, 2.82]
CLE - LHP C.C. Sabathia [5-3, 3.08]

Once again, I think we'll drop two of three in this department, although the matchups are extremely favourable for a Cubs sweep, in all honesty. Marshall can outmatch Johnson, but like in all three games, the lineup the Cubs have to pitch against is vastly more threatening that that which the Indians will have to contend with. So, despite my optimism for a Cubs sweep, I think we'll drop tonight, beat Clifford Lee tomorrow and Zambrano will get no decision vs. Sabathia on Wednesday.


At 4:39 PM, Blogger Sarce said...

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At 4:40 PM, Blogger Sarce said...

Did anyone else actually watch the game yesterday? It was terrifying. As James stated, it doesnt look like there's an end in sight. Scary.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Ha! The constipation at the plate came to an end last night!

Actually, things look like they are starting to change (maybe), and Prior didn't look that bad on Sunday, although the game was terribly disappointing. His curve started to look better after the first inning. I think he'll come around, although I'm not sure we'll ever see the 2003 Prior again.

Nevin has given these guys a shot in the arm, and Walker is hitting better now that he's back in the two-hole. The big plus though is with Pierre hitting much better (finally!).

Unfortunately, this team is likely to play better on the road than at home, which doesn't translate to a division championship.

The sweep by Houston was a low point. They aren't that good of a team. Detroit, on the other hand, is an excellent team, and they are really hot now. The question will be whether they can maintain that level of play. If so, the World Series will just be a matter of time. Right now, no one can play with them, including the White Sox.

How about that "Hank White" guy! Holy Cow! You gotta love the guy. Go, Henry, go!

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Sarce said...

Interesting article today in the Sun-Times.....



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