Wednesday, August 10

Mongols in the Outfield

Another grim day in Cubs lore. Another heavy defeat to a miserable Reds team, and we have several people to thank.

Rich Hill -- no me gusta, Richie, no me gusta. 3 turgid innings, 4 hits and 4 walks. Failing to register an out in the 4th, his pitching ineptitude paved the way for a 7-run inning that put us all to bed.

Murton, Patterson, Burnitz-on -- the trio manning the vast Wrigley expanse batted an irresponsible 0-11 today, grounding into a double-play, striking out three times, and generally reminding us why we're in this mess. Corey celebrated his quiet return to the major leagues with 2 strikeouts, wasting no time in getting back on his abyssmal OBP pace for the season. Dusty's right, Corey is ready for the majors.

Awful awful awful. I have nothing more to say on this issue. Well actually I do, but it's waiting until tomorrow morning, when I lift the Cubs yoke back on my shoulders for some good old-fashioned acid-spitting. Part I is coming tomorrow given my book stuff (and CBT -- this book will not be available in yr neck of the woods for a while, which I'll explain) and whatnot, so in the meantime, do something other than despair tonight. Read a book, check out some websites, throw a ball around in the park. Heck, if you do it in Chicago, maybe you'll get to fill a roster spot sometime soon. I can't wait for the penny to drop in the team front-office, as we'll get to see a big-old minor league call-up jamboree on the Wrigley grass.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Did you just use the word "turgid" writing about this loss?
THAT is excellent.


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