Thursday, July 28

Further proof that Baseball Teams read LB

Well, just 5 short hours ago, this red-faced Limey Brooklynite was waxing lyrical about the offensive anemia and bullpen buffoonery that might well characterize the Arizona Diamondbacks throughout this 4-game visit.

And, needless to say, everything I said was contradicted. Nixed. Refuted. Argued. Debated. Debunked. Erased. Eradicated. Clubbed. Struck Out.

The D-Backs staff pitched a 5-hit, 7 K shutout of the clawless Cubs this afternoon, prompting me to hang my head in shame. Furthermore, Williams eked and squeaked his way through 5 1/3 unbearable innings, throwing 120 (!) pitches, allowing only 1 run but walking 4 and striking out 5. He took the loss, and the Quixotic Quartet of Ohman, Rusch, Remlinger and Wuertz combined for 3 2/3 IP, 6 H, 5 ER, 5 BB, 5 K (91 pitches, 52 strikes). Lovely work.

The Cubs couldn't really get anything going. Barrett had 2 errors, the Cubs left 7 on base including 5 in scoring position with 2 outs.

2nd Inning: Barrett stranded on 3rd with 2 outs after Neifi flied out to left.
3rd Inning: Murton stranded on 2nd with 1 out after Hairston and Cedeno ground-outs.
7th Inning: Burnitz stranded on 3rd with 1 out after PH Hollandsworth struck out and Hairston pop-out.

It was tough to listen to.

Halsey threw 73 pitches in 6 innings of relatively calm work, although this was padded by a 20-pitch 6th. 53 pitches through 5 innings, 10 per inning! He faced 23 batters with 73 pitches at an average of 3.17 per batter faced, and taking away the 6th inning, that number drops even lower: 53 pitches for 17 batters, 3.11 PBF. Nice work Halsey (former Yank, oh I bet they wish they still had him... see? It's possible to find the silver lining in any shellacking).

Tracy had a solo HR, Luis Gonzalez continued to boil (3-5, HR, 2 RBI), and Shawn Green went 4-4 in the 6-slot.

On to tomorrow. Tomorrow is, after all, another day.


At 1:38 PM, Blogger gone said...

It was painful to listen to. No doubt.


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