Thursday, July 14


Ok, that's enough pessimism out of you, JT. We are the fans of the Lovable Losers, perpetually enjoying the contests of whoever the current residents of the Friendly Confines are. If the Cubs are winning at that particular point in the season, we don't know what to do except rejoice in intoxicated jubilation and get our hopes way up. But if we are losing or those hopes are dashed upon a stone at any point, we go about our business enjoying our libations nonetheless and supporting our northside favorites through all the turmoil. It's called being a Cub fan, and look... after today's victory we are back at .500, so certainly we must be World Series bound! Right, guys?!?!

So basically, to rebut with some optimism, the way I see it is that in order to make the playoffs this year -- from the wild card spot, since catching the Cardinals will depend on an asteriod, a breakout of Ebolla Hemorrhagic Fever in St. Louis, or some other heavenly intervention -- it will probably take around 95 wins, if not more. The Cubs today are 44-44 with 74 games remaining. It follows that that would mean going roughly 51-23 for the remainder of the season. This is definitely possible if you ask me. It means winning about 5 out of every 7 games, or going 3-1 in all 4 game series and 2-1 in all 3 game series. At first this might seem a little over-optimistic, but the Cubs have proven that they have the ability to sweep good teams when they are on top of their game (a la Dodgers, Marlins). So, with a few series sweeps, we can even afford to lose a series here and there occasionally and still hit the 95-win mark.

So, the Cubs have their work cut out for them but I see this as something they can positively attain if they hold true to their "Contender" costumes, rather than donning the "Pretender" garb they seem to have hanging on the pegs right next to the former. And that is all I have for now. What do you think?

Etc, Etc, Etc,
Yeah, Prior for beating up on the Bucos!!!
Tomorrows game features Kerry Wood in a day game which will be airing on Espn. Can't wait to watch!


At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

I would love for the Cubs to win the division, or at least take the wild card. Sutcliffe, an ex-Cubbie, said to day during the Yanks Red Sox game that he would be afraid of the Cubs if he were on a Wild Card contending team. He's right, we do have a very strong team, and many of the missing links seem to be coming back from the DL.

But for now, it just doesn't make sense to constantly be paying attention to the standings. I'm just gonna watch the games and hope for wins. If I sit around and obsess about standings, well, shall I bring up the cliched watched pot? Anyway, it was a great game to watch today. I love to watch the Cubs win, especially with Prior on the mound. The only bad spot was the errors, most of which can be forgiven, especially Neifi's. Too bad those ropes that Derrek hit didn't get out of the park though. Two home runs could go a long way for the season stats.

At 11:17 PM, Blogger JT said...

Hypo ---

I love that you use estimations and then come up with a precise number, like "we need to go roughly 51-23 the rest of the year".

That is just beautiful right there, I take back everything I've said. Or not, but that was awesome nonetheless.

At 11:43 PM, Blogger Jim said...

We'll find out what kind of character this team has in the second half. Last year they had a favorable final two weeks and they went on a hiatus. To make a run at it, they'll have to live up to their potential.

Woods pitched like the veteran he should be by now his last outing. Let's see if he can do it again tomorrow.

At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

I do love your optimism Hypo. As far as being a Cubs fan or just a baseball fan for that matter, I believe Ernie Banks said it best when he said, "Lets play two!" It's all about the baseball. You've gotta love the game, even whether your team is the best in the majors or the worst. Today it didn't matter who had what record. It was a great game, and I look forward to tomorrow's.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

Couldn't agree more... I watched part of the Mets/Braves and the Phillies/Marlins last night, and I enjoyed every second of it. Why? Cause baseball is a great game, (almost) no matter who is playing it.


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