Tuesday, May 17

Zambrano - Pitching Ace, Tennis Amateur

Well, according to ESPN.com, Zambrano might well miss his next scheduled start on Friday night vs. the White Sox due to ...... wait for it ...... tennis elbow. Or at least that's what his weird forearm strains are consistent with, symptomatically.

He will throw on the side on Wednesday while the team swashbuckles with the Pirates, but the possibilities of him starting vs. Guillen's Goons are up in the air. 50-50. Too close to call. Anyone's guess. On the line. On the fence. Who can say? Wait and see.

"It feels like I have concrete in my arm; it feels heavy."
Zambrano, on how his right arm feels

His possible injury brings an amazing and mind-boggling list of injuries and the injured to mind.

Nomar, Todd Walker, Fox, Williamson, Kerry Wood.... I could go on from there

the good news? Borowski is almost back, as it TW, and Prior is pitching tonight.

CHC: RHP Mark Prior • 3-1, 2.77 ERA in 2005 • 0-0, 4.09 ERA in 2004 vs. PIT
PIT: RHP Josh Fogg • 3-2, 3.96 ERA in 2005 • 1-2, 6.98 ERA in 2004 vs. CHC

Look for Barrett getting the possible nod over Blanco (Prior's normal catcher), as he's 8-12 lifetime (2 HRs) against the Fogg-man.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Jim said...

His delivery does look like a forehand.

At 11:15 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Was there a Lady in White in the park tonight?

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

there must have been, but i didn't see her (game televised on FSN locally cause it was the pirates). Awesome game, very exciting, and that moistened bint, the lady in white, must have been hiding somewhere distributing scimitars to a couple of the cubs today, i agree.


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