Tuesday, May 10


Dusty Baker has been quite the mad scientist of late, employing all sorts of alchemy and hoodoo instincts upon the roster. The nature of his alterations has been largely misunderstood, prompting LB and many regular readers to wonder just what makes Dusty tick the way he does.

We've seen starting pitchers with improving confidence moved into the hottest closer seat in town (something obviously not relished as he gave up 2 runs in last night's 9th inning appearance), we've seen steady bullpen influences fly into the rotation, and relievers of great potential shoved aside for, well, Jon Less-ster.

Based on our collective knowledge, LB included, what changes do you think Dusty SHOULD be making?

Starting Lineup shuffles -- who should play where in the order?
Fielding moves -- any upgrades on the spacious Cubs bench?
Starting rotation -- who should play Kerry Wood for the next 3-6 weeks?
Bullpen -- who deserves that hot hot throne as closer?
Minor Leagues -- anyone we should be calling up but haven't? Anyone we should be sending packing but won't?
Trading -- who do you think should be shipped in/shipped out?

Let us know -- the more offbeat, the better -- and let's discuss this at great length. At the end of our great debates, perhaps we can send Hellfire Hendry a letter, carrier pigeon or strip-o-gram to let him know what the fans think.


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Here's the really, really good news: Inter-league play. The Cubs get the Chi-Sox (best team in baseball) for six games, and the Cardinals must suffer through six games with Kansas City.

Wouldn't you really, really like to see the Sox take on the Cardinals, especially this year? You guys should petition the Commish to have a schedule change. Do it in the name of diverting attention from chemical enhancement.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Jim said...

I should be closer. Hawkins would come in during the eighth and show them his 96 mile per hour fastball. Then I'd come in for the ninth. I am the only human being in the world who can consistantly throw strikes at less than 15 miles per hour. The batters would fall asleep before the ball arrived.

Go ahead, think I'm joking. You guys are too young to remember Stu Miller, the only pitcher to ever be blown off a mound by a gust of wind during an All Star game. Little Stu had three pitches: slow, slower, and slowest. And he was very effective. He even put that gust of wind incident to good use. Imagine a dugout full of All Stars falling off the bench laughing. Think they could hit after that?

Now ask me about the glove Sherm Lollar used when he caught Hoyt Wilhelm's kuckler.

At 4:10 PM, Blogger JT said...

In an insanely ideal world, I would like to think the Cubs have a shot at some of the big free agents that will most likely crop up this year - guys like Preston Wilson in the OF can still perform, regardless of having Colorado stats padding the career numbers.

Jim - you totally get my vote for closer. I would like to see that 15 mph heat flying off the mound.

And please, tell us more about Sherm Lollar and the knucklers.

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, we'll start out a bit serious here. I haven't been on the "play Dubois regularly" band wagon, but it's obvious Hollandsworth needs a break. His swing needs work and he needs to step away from the game for a day or two.

I'd like to see Dempster return to the starting rotation and pitch the way it seems he can.

Beyond that, we need reinforcements in the form of Walker and Borowski.

Finally, I have to agree with Jim on the bullpen situation. Have him throwing the ultra change up, and I'll be the enforcer/psyche out guy. I'll come into the game, plunk somebody with my 40-50 mph heat, taunt him in a pro wrestler voice (which sounds pretty funny coming out of a 5'9" guy who weighs a buck-fifty and has two pounds of curly hair on his head) and then make Mars Attacks alien noises at him. They'll be so confused they won't be able to think about hitting.

ps. If you guys don't know what Mars Attacks is, go to your local video rental place and watch it. Best work that Jack Nicholson ever did.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous lazlo said...

The number one thing I can see right now as far as trade options for the Cubs is they have to look to lose a couple of relief pitchers. We have too many lefties! And whats worst, a lot of them have trouble getting left-handed batters out! But don't tell anyone I told you that. Hendry needs to find some sap GM that is just despirately looking for lefties as a cure all for his bullpen and then unload two on him, but keep Rusch and Remlinger. And take whatever you can get for them.

At 10:35 PM, Blogger JT said...

Lazlo, it would be nice to unload some lefties. I heard some rumours that Hendry was gossiping with the Yankees and was looking to pinch Felix Rodriguez from their bullpen, but, knowing the Yanks, we'd have to give up something valuable.

Who could use bullpen?
Texas? San Francisco?

There aren't many teams looking for bullpen desperately, or at least I don't think so - the Cubs are ranked 18th in the majors in team ERA.. most teams lower than that are basement-level teams who couldn't really offer much.

I want to see Remlinger more. I don't know why, but I like seeing him pitch. He's still got a lot to offer, and yet guys like Wuertz seem to come out more often. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Anonymous - I think I know who you are, and yr pitching strategies would most definitely work. Also, Hollandsworth could use some serious pine time, as Dubois is killing the ball of late. Again, perhaps I'm wrong, but whenever I see him in the lineup, he appears to have an incendiary effect on the opposing pitching.


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