Monday, May 23

Workity Jones - LB updates

Hello again everyone...

It's been a hectic weekend for me, JT, and now that things are winding down (it's Monday night, and the season finale of 24 is entertaining me .... make fun of me for that at your peril), I'm back in Brooklyn and my computer is up and running.

So, to address a number of things, late tonight/tomorrow morning will see the following from me:-

- Thoughts on the White Sox series
- A new Player of the Week
- Thoughts on Zambrano, Prior, the Astros and the upcoming Rockies series

I hope everyone is well and enjoying tonight's game (4-1 Cubs, Top 7 as I write).... I look forward to catching up with the LB team and all our readers extremely soon.

Go go Gadget Glendon!


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Jack's dead, dude. Why didn't they trade the hit girl to the Chinese instead of Jack? Sure, they gave her immunity, but they could have held her as a material witness on the earlier assasination attempt and then bargained her to the Chinese, saying she was envolved too. Or probably some other such thing.

Now you have to wait until 2006 to find out what's up.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Have we lost thirty years? Dusty is managing like the great ones of yore (means "a long time ago"). Prior pitches a complete game, Rush goes eight innings, Dempster saves one on four pitches. Now that was sweet.

Corey went deep for the ninth time this year, and guess what … nobody was on base. Has anyone ever hit 30 long ones without anyone being on base?

Tonight (5-25-05) Mitre goes against the Rocket—a match to drive the odds makers in Vegas out of their trees. Put a buck down on this one and win the price of a Series ticket at Wrigley. Ah, well, only seven more shopping months till X-mas, and a few weeks after that we learn how Jack is faring in Acapulco.

What day did Friday the thirteenth come on this month anyway? FRIDAY!!! Yikes! Oh, well, next month it comes on a Monday. Things are looking up.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger JT said...

Ohh come on, you know what will happen: Clemens will pitch a perfect game and still lose, somehow. Those Astros sure are struggling, and it will be nice to see how Sergio can hang with the Rocketman.

Maybe a similar nickname for Mitre is in order - the Mitre Missile? The Wrigley Warhead?

Oh, and Jack Bauer will be just fine. Look for him to save the world again, this time from a Caribbean Cabana bar in January 2006. I can hardly wait.


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