Wednesday, June 1


I know I haven't been as game-focused as I was before, as the LB staff has been doing a tremendous job of keeping us all up to date with our day-to-day brilliance of late - winning streaks, and Zambrano with a 1-hitter through 7 so far tonight (game tied 1-1, Top 8th).

I'm trying to dig up things to talk about, and I found another excellent Dusty quote regarding new Cub, and scheduled starter this evening at AAA-Iowa, Jerome Williams.

When asked about Jerome "Baby Back" Williams' chances of seeing the majors sometime soon, Baker mused for a while about his various mechanical issues - arm strength, pitch quality, pitch selection - before moving onto the touchier subject of JW's weight. Simply put, he's a little too heavy for the Wrigley mound at the moment, although last time I checked Borowski was hardly the sprightliest man on the bump either.

"We've got to keep him away from the fast food," was Dusty's tactful remark, making a sly dig at the fact that Williams has made some investments in Bay Area and Hawaiian barbeque franchise restaurants.

Koronka gets the spotlight tomorrow night, and should we see Williams in the dugout anytime soon on a sudden call-up, Hendry needs to make sure those sunflower seeds are unsalted and fat-free.

In an update of our other fresh face on the roster, David Aardsma acquitted himself extremely well last night in a start for AA-West Tennessee in a 5-2 win against some team from somewhere near there. Pitching 5 strong innings, D-Aard gave up 1 run on 3 hits, striking out 5 although allowing 5 walks in the process.

So who might we see on the Northside first? Honeymoon or The Big Save? And are Williams' restaurants any good?

EDIT: Williams is a partner in the L&L Drive-In franchise, owning a chunk of the chain's 100th franchise in Union City, CA near the Bay Area. The restaurant sounds alright: Hawaiian barbeque and other Islander delicacies. Apparently Seahawk TE Itula Mili is a part-owner of a Honolulu branch, as are other pro football players who went to school with Mili at Brigham Young. This concludes the "Useless Information" segment of the evening.

One last quick thing on this: the owners of the franchise make any investors/part-owners/call-them-what-you-will come out to the landmark restaurant in Hawaii for "training". This includes food prep and a whole host of other potentially dangerous lessons. Mili allegedly missed training sessions due to lacerating his finger while cutting chicken. Has Williams already done his stint, or might we see him flying out to protect his investment?

Wouldn't that be something....


At 1:23 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Can you say, "Cubs win!!!!!" five times rapidly, as in one stinking bloop hit?

At 1:37 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Oh, yeah … Cards lost.

At 7:39 AM, Blogger DS said...

Another quote:

"He was nasty"
--Dusty on Z's performance last night.

Waking up and seeing this box score was a great way to start this rain-filled day in the South. Let's hope the cubbies can keep up this kind of play...either grinding out wins like last night or dazzling us with 10 runs per game.

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

How bout it for the Cubbies. What a great game. There was as much excitement in this game as I have seen out of the Cubs all year long, though the Dodgers seemed to be half asleep. I desperately wanted the winning run to be scored against Gagne, but I'll take the win either way.

Zambrano, el Torro, and Perez really played a great game for the Cubs last night. Zambrano pitched what could have been a No-No, and Perez made two plays that should show up on the highlight reels and knocked in the winning run. Also, way to go Barrett on that big pinch hit.

Good news for the Cubs: Not only does the bull pen seem to be clicking (Wuertz was stupendous and Dempster had a solid save), but they are hitting. Okay, they only scored 2 last night, but Lee and Ramirez each had three hits, and seem to be very hot right now, and Barrett had a big pinch hit. If Barrett, Ramirez, and Walker can find ways to get on base and/or drive in some runs, Lee will continue his hitting.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger JT said...

Lazlo - the one thing that worries me about this team right now is the getting on base. I just posted some stats about that... we're one of the worst teams in the league in getting on base whether it's hits or walks.

Our pitching staff has shown me time and again that we can hang around with any team - despite injuries, we have one of the best staffs around.

5 wins in a row, 8-2 in our last 10, compared to Milwaukee's 5-5 (St. Louis is 7-3 over the same stretch). LET'S GO CUBBIES!


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