Monday, May 30

Rising from the Ashes

Monday has come, and with a little West Coast sojourn on the cards, reflection is due from yet another W3 series (Wacky Wrigley Weekend). Four games against one of the weakest teams in the league (according to the stats, of course, but don't tell Brad Hawpe's line-drives that they are weak) didn't hurt matters, but regardless of notching 3 straight wins on the back of some righteous offense, it seems that once again the cost far outweighed the purchase.

Given the rough stretch into which our Cubbies dive headfirst, it hardly helps our chances of preserving .500 given that another key figure is hurt, albeit freakishly, and we can look forward to upcoming series against the following teams through the end of June:

3 games @ Los Angeles Dodgers (26-23)
4 games @ San Diego Padres (31-19)
3 games vs. Toronto Blue Jays (27-23)
3 games vs. Boston Red Sox (27-22)
3 games vs. Florida Bartmans (27-20)
3 games @ New York Yankees (27-23)
4 games @ Milwaukee Brewers (24-25)
3 games @ Chicago White Sox (33-17)
3 games vs. Milwaukee Brewers

That, my friends and LB faithful, is a rough month indeed - a combined record of 195-172 - but of course, I am still optimistic. As a friend pointed out, the Cubs are not the only team struggling with injuries, and despite the W-L record of our June-time foes, there is a prevailing parity that will see us win half of these games, as I see it. We might just need a lot of Todd Walker pinch-hit HRs to get us there (1st career PH HR yesterday - good stuff Hot Rod).

Overall, the Rockies series was a successful one, and not just because of winning 3 of 4. Despite Prior's injury (which I'll get to later today as Day 6 of the Liverpool FC-induced bender, along with delicious analysis of the recent trade that saw the Hawk flee the nest for warmer shores, and Embarcadero, I suspect), offensive bursts came left, right and center from some key figures.

After riding him last week, Aramis "Whopper with Cheese" Ramirez slapped a few pitches around Jeff Gordon's beloved hunting grounds, enjoying an impressive weekend - 6-13, 2 HR, 7 RBI in the 3 wins alone.

The Burning Man in RF also enjoyed some offense: 2-5, HR, 4 RBI in Sunday's 11-6 win.

The Cubs scored 28 runs in the 4 games, conceding 15, and showed general pleasure derived from winning baseball games.

The rotation is a bit Charlie Sheen for the moment, but our batting lineup is positively Charles Bronson. With a little help across the board from a fresh and erratic bullpen, this next month might not be so bad.

Prior, Hawkins and the pitching prospects -- coming soon to LB. Today.


At 11:58 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! (That's four times!) Ramirez likes the warm west coast weather. He's heating it up. And you gotta love Barrett. Despite a few shakey moments, Maddux and the bull pen come on strong.


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