Monday, May 9

If Dempster is the closer, then who is starting tonight?

Hold onto your butts... With the decision to move Ryan Dempster out of the starting pitching rotation so that he can close out our close ballgames, there is an open spot in the rotation. Dempster was slated to start tonight, so the pitcher taking Dempster's slot is starting the game tonight against the Mets. I already know who it is, but have you heard yet??? (I'm trying (and probably failing) to build some suspense here!) Yeah, I pulled the parentheses-within-parentheses move, so what? Maybe I spent too much time programming in high school when you all were chasing girls and boozing in your parents' cars. Anyway, the Cubs recalled Jon "Suck" Leicester from the minor leagues today in order to start in place of Dempster. Any thoughts? Click that little comment button and let me know if you're as happy about this decision as I am!

Here is my source for that info... Yahoo Fantasy Sports

P.S. Joe Borowski, we miss you more than ever!

P.P.S. That thing in American Pie where he... ya know... with the Apple Pie? Definitely not a good idea, I wrote a simulation in 10th grade, and at least 82 out of 100 times the subject got warm apple filling in his pee-hole.


At 6:24 PM, Blogger JT said...

Hey, why not? Leicester may have benefited from some time away from the spotlight in the minors, and like Rusch, he'll be expected to nurse the team through about 4 innings at a time and probably no more. So who knows?

Walker might well be back in about 2 weeks, Borowski needs 2 more rehab outings, so if we can hang on until then, then that's a good sign.

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Lazlo said...

Hyposquasher- First off, what the heck does your nickname mean?

Second, I'm not terribly happy about the move either, but not because I think Leicester "sucks". More because I think Dempster was settling into his role as a starter, and was showing some major promise. Also, despite losses in the past week, Hawkins really hadn't pitched that bad. He made mental errors fielding his position, and lost a tough game on a bloop single over the shoulder of his second baseman, whe himself said he simply overran the ball.

I'd rather see dempster as a starter.

JT- I'm really looking forward to Borowski's return, simply because I loved how hard he worked in 2003. Also, walker will be a welcome return to the Cubs. A pure hitter like him is exactly what the cubs need right now.

At 10:24 PM, Blogger JT said...

Lazlo - I'm totally with you. Dempster, compared to Less-ster, is a completely better choice for starter. Demps is, according to Santo the other week on WGN Radio, a notoriously slow starter once he gets on the mound... so why throw him in as a closer?

I think Dusty might have been watching the YES Network a little too much, as he's been ogling all the shuffles and shake-ups in the Bronx and maybe thought to himself, "Hey, I should move everyone around too." Maybe we'll see Macias behind the plate or tossing some knucklers in relief. Perhaps Barrett will play 3rd base coach. Hollandsworth might get a look for the pre-game National Anthem.

Who knows, soon it might be head-over-heels in Chi-town.

(Probably not though, but yes, the quicker Walker and Joe-Bo re-appear, the quicker the clubhouse spirits might be.)

At 1:17 AM, Blogger Hyposquasher said...

my nickname needs as much explanation as yours does... probably a lot. i like to squash things in a hypo manner.
second, i completely agree that dempster was showing some major promise. let's not just look at his performance this year for optimism as a starter and remember that he was once an all-star! i think that the change should have been moving glendon rusch to the closing position and keeping dempster where he was. in my opinion, leicester is absolutely the worst choice as a starting pitcher of the three.
i also agree with you about Hawkins. i've been behind hawkins all year thus far, and while i don't think he is a solid closer at this point, i have commented on multiple occasions on how great i think his stuff is. i honestly think he has a poor mentality for being a closer, and some pretty crappy luck in the ninth.
anyway, thanks for posting your comments; conversing among each other is what this site is all about!


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